The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Happy holidays from Landscape Roasters! We hope these weeks are merry and bright for you as we wind this incredible year to a close.

Christmas came right on time for us as we’ve received a few new beans we’re incredibly excited to roast and serve up as single origin coffees. Firstly, we have two Colombian coffees from the Yacuanquer region that were so delicious when we sampled them that we just knew we had to feature them. They have an absolutely beautiful sweetness and a really nice balance with their lower notes; and we know you, your family, or your customers are going to love them.

We also received a couple new Brazilian coffees that we’re thrilled to show off. Traditionally, Brazilian coffees don’t get served as single origin espressos because their lower notes lend themselves better to be the base of a blend, but we found such a clean, almost tropical sweetness to this Brazilian coffee that we’ll be featuring it as a single origin you’ll be able to purchase for use at home or as any of our drinks in-store. We’ll also be adding them to our wholesale inventory for larger orders. We think you’ll be just as impressed by them as we are.

Have a warm, caffeinated Christmas!