About Us

The landscape of coffee is always shifting. As new techniques emerge, new farms open, and tastes change, it takes attention to detail to make sure you’re consistently roasting and selling the best possible coffee. At Landscape, we’re always testing and adjusting to make sure you’re getting an incredible experience in every cup.

Landscape Roasters was born in 2011 under the name Pig Iron Roasters, owned and operated in Toronto, Canada. As we’ve grown, we’ve had the opportunity to roast many different coffees and taste thousands, helping us narrow in on exactly the flavor we’re looking for.

We’re also committed to working closely with importers, exporters, and farmers to make sure our coffees are ethically sourced and producers are compensated fairly for their hard work growing and picking the beans we use at Landscape roasters.

We’re proud to open our new roasting facility at 195 Norseman, Unit 16, which includes a tasting bar and café. Come visit us, chat coffee, and learn about our process. We’d love to meet you.